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Hello and Welcome to my blog! I am a working Mum and love to relax from my job as a Social worker and do craft activities; hence the creation of Debeez Designs. In my spare time I run children's workshops, and adult craft weekends and crafting days where new and exciting techniques are taught to a variety of ages. Thank you for taking the time to view my blog :) Happy Crafting

Monday, September 19, 2011

Butterfly Award

Provided to me from Andrea at http://www.scrapality.com
Here are the questions that I am required to answer to accept the award:Thanks Andrea,

Q1) Name your favorite color?
A) Red

Q2) Name your favorite song?
 A ) ATM it is Adele 'someone you love'

Q3) Name your favorite dessert?
A) vanilla ice-cream with red topping and nuts :) yum yum

Q4) What annoys you at the moment? 
A) People that pass the buck every time.

Q5) Your favorite pet? 
A) My cat Tiggs although he drive me nuts too :)  He has a Meow that sounds like he says "MUUUM" has the kids in fits of giggles :)

Q6) Black or White? 
A) white - pure and goes with anything

Q7) Your biggest fear? 

Q8) Best Feature?
A) shoulders

Q9) Everyday attitude?
A) Make a difference

Q10) What is perfection?
A) A newborn child

Q11) Guilty Pleasure?
A) apple turnover

Q12) When you're upset you?
A) Talk to my close friends then possibly my hubby depending on what it is about :)

Butterfly Award

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  1. Congrats on your award!!! Thanks so much for passing it to me too! Such a sweet gesture. Melanie

  2. Thanks so much for the award. Love apple turnovers too! x